Our organization has engaged the Ministry of Education (MOE) and we have entered Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to rehabilitate and manage 5 schools for two years (re-build the schools, pay teachers, manage the programs, and provide educational materials). In accordance with the agreement, Aadamiga will rehabilitate 5 schools in Wardiigley, Abdiaziz, Bondhere, Karan and Hamar Weyne Districts. This follows an extensive participatory consultation process that involved both formal and informal sessions with various stakeholders within the education sector, most important of all being the local communities leading to the selection of school sites.

This initiative by Aadamiga complements UNICEF and the Somali government-led ‘Go to School Initiative’ which seeks to provide access to education for an additional million children. The goal is to increase access for children to quality, relevant education that contributes to peace.

We will begin Aadamiga’s Save the Schools campaign by rebuilding Wardhiigley school.

This is what Wardhiigley school looks like currently. It is largely broken down, and far from ready to re-open

 Wardhiigley school

This is what Wardhiigley school looks like currently. It is largely broken down, and far from ready to re-open.


This is a sketch of what our architects hope to build at the Wardhiigley school site. A beautiful campus that encourages students to learn and grow.


Wardhiigley Primary School is designed as eco-friendly multi-use facilities. The school will be built from 85% locally source materials. The sections of the school will be fitted with solar power for lighting and equipment use (such as computers) with all wiring meeting safety standards. The school will have a tilted roof for ventilation with rainwater collection tanks and storage facilities to supplement available municipal connections water. Basic plumbing consisting of drainage pipes for storm drain and solid waste all done to structural and local authority’s standards.  Wardhiigley Primary School will include twenty classrooms, administrative offices, a library, a meeting space, gender friendly toilets and prayer rooms (segregated for boys and girls).  In addition all the schools shall also handicap accessible (i.e. have ramps, hand rails, wider doors and toilet facilities, wider classroom doors).

The sad thing is that this rebuilding of the government school project was not possible. The government gave the paperwork to aadamiga to start the reconstruction of the schools, but aadamiga was unable to do the construction because there were military men who held the old school by force and asked aadamiga to give them $50.000 to vacate the school. aadamiga was unable to pay the bribe and thus aadamiga had to abandon the project. Hopefully when a strong government comes then aadamiga may be able to chase the military guys out of there without paying the bribe then we can start the project.  

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”