Aadamiga past and Present

Aadamiga past and Present


Founded in 1987, by women for women, to advocate for human rights and the empowerment of Somali woman through skills training and continued mentorship. The organization was named Aadamiga, the Somali word for humanitarian when translated to English.  In 1988, the pilot project focused on woman entrepreneurs and micro financing.  The positive impact of the pilot project encouraged Aadamaiga to continue community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to clean water and expand economic opportunity. Aadamiga is a global humanitarian and development agency focused on ensuring young people thrive after conflict, crisis and natural disaster.


Aadamiga will be the partner of choice within the global movement dedicated to ending poverty. We believe accountability and inclusive participation mechanisms are essential for peaceful change. Aadamiga’s vision is to build a Water Well and a school in every village in Somalia.


Aadamiga mission is to develop and implement innovative long-term sustainable solutions to serve communities, families and individuals.


Aadamiga believes that all people have the right to thrive, not just exist.  Our organization brings together and working with international, national and local partners that can bring about sustainable change and strengthening the capacity for self-help.  Aadamiga embraces collaborating with locale communities to co- create programs. We facilitate our philosophy by incorporating the following.

  1. Commitment to transparency
  2. Committed to working with other Non Governmental Organizations
  3. Commitment to Accountability
  4. Respect to community involvement and commitment
  5. Mutual Respect

SECTOR:  Education, livelihoods, water and sanitation.

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