Aadamiga profile


Educating and Fostering hope for children


Provide direct economic development assistance to needy Somali families. Provide internally displaced people (IDPs) with tools to become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Aadamiga’s objective is to assist families to become self-sufficient, and in the process regain their dignity and economic freedom.


• To end the cycle of ignorance and poverty in Somalia, by educating and investing in children.

To build a Water Well and a school at the local village level in Somalia.

Our Philosophy:

 Aadamiga adheres to the highest standards of ethical behavior in all operations and seeks to build and maintain public trust in the performance of programs.

Aadamiga understands that this world is unpredictable and that it is important that our objectives are flexible and negotiable. Our objectives should not be vague or general we must be extremely precise and detailed, but we must also convey the idea that, throughout the development of the project, we will constantly engage with set objectives to make necessary changes and ratification when appropriate.

Aadamiga will engage in a strategic planning process every 3 to 5 years to review the mission and funding priorities and policies. People change, communities change, needs change.

Educate the community regarding the value, feasibility, and limits of engaging in public policy. Forge close working relationships with policymakers and follow their decision-making process. Facilitate collaboration among members, nonprofits, public officials, and other sector partners. Monitor issues affecting our programs and mission.

Aadamiga is committed to a periodic review of mission, funding priorities, policies and practices that will allow funders to better understand where we have been, what the needs are now and how to chart Aadamiga’s course moving forward to assure ongoing relevance, effectiveness and impact of all projects.

Determined to be flexible enough to accommodate those changes and be in-line with the current needs of the communities served.

Maintain transparency, accountability, and adhere to the highest standard of ethical and responsibility operations both internally and externally.

In all operations seek to build and maintain public trust in the performance of programs, and adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Generate internal operating policies that specify organization values regarding ethics and stewardship to which all staff, board and executive leadership must adhere. Review these policies periodically and revise them as necessary and make these policies accessible to the public through annual reports or upon request.

Aadamiga’s program and projects are built on achievable realistic and clear objectives that can be fulfilled.