History of Dugsiga Ceelasha Biyaha—Aadamiga Academy Ceelasha Biyaha

History of Dugsiga Ceelasha Biyaha—Aadamiga Academy Ceelasha Biyaha

Short history of the Aadamiga Academy Ceelasha Biyaha.

Aadamiga Academy known as the Dugsiga Ceelasha Biyaha opened on December 1, 2016. the school is located between Afgoe and Mogadishu. the students are made up of Internally Displaced People(IDP) who came from Lower Shabeele, Gedo, Baidhabo, Bardhere etc. 100 children, 50 of them girl, are attending it.

Kids go to the Dugsi Koranic school from 6am to 10 am. then at 11am they attend school and are fed for lunch. Aadamiga gives them Beans and rice with tomatoes. then at 12:30 pm they start class and continue until 6pm then they go home. Thursday they have half day class and Friday no class.

They learn to write Somali and Arabic, maths and livelihood. Aadamiga hired three teachers for now and is desperately trying to add another teacher if funding permits.

there are another 195 student that need to attend but aadamiga does not have funding for more than three teachers for now. Aadamiga will fund raise next year to hire more teacher to accommodate all the student on the waiting list.

the students are planting corn, papaya, tomatoes and bean so that they can grow some of their lunch. this will also teach them farming for the future. The students also helped plant fruit trees like lemon, mango, isbaadheys, canuuni, banana etc.

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