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Facing severe drought, Somalia calls for Turkish support

Somalia’s president on Wednesday called for assistance from Turkey to combat the effects of severe drought that…

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Somalia drought

ardhosa is just 13 years old but has never had a proper meal. She’s also lived through…

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Is A Global Ban On Trophy Hunting Imports Coming?

A coalition of 137 conservation and animal protection groups has come together to demand a worldwide ban…

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Why More Women Study Physics in Muslim Countries

  Why More Women Study Physics in Muslim Countries   Issues related to gender identity and the…

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What are the main things the IOC does?

The IOC coordinates what’s known as the Olympic movement, the technical term for the constellation of committees, federations…

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Crisis looms in Syria camps

it was night when Zakia Kachar heard the sounds of footsteps approach her tent in a detention…

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Camilo Vergara is one of hundreds of young Colombians

Camilo Andrey Vergara was born in 1989 in a rural area of Antioquia, in western Colombia. Raised…

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Egypt explores water projects with Somalia

Egypt is in talks with Somalia on water management aid for the drought-stricken country as Cairo builds…

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Coal mining key contributor to water crisis: Turkish NGO

Water scarcity, caused by the drought experienced in recent years, is turning into a pressing issue for…

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NGO denounces lack of Myanmar amnesty transparency

Human Right Watch denounced Thursday the lack of transparency of the amnesty announced this week by the…